Saturday, May 2, 2015

a princess and a pharoah (sic)

First thing this morning the long-awaited princess arrived in London.  Then this afternoon American Pharaoh sped through the wire at the Kentucky Derby.  A good day for royalty.

I have before me a tasteful selection of flix to watch:  Wild, Interstellar, Whiplash, and Pride.  Which will it be?  I have already seen My Old Lady (***) and The Rewrite (***).  Both were just OK although I do so enjoy  Marisa Tomei, and Hugh Grant has aged quite well.  Next to come will be The Imitation Game.  I have much to catch up on.

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Liz said...

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is just precious! May they always be so happy...

You will love The Imitation Game. May I also suggest Foxcatcher, about a really strange member of the Dupont family... Have you seen The Theory of Everything? Great story. Also, American Sniper (NOT the glorification of war it was accused of being, but a true story of a military family.). I thought it should have won Best Picture.