Friday, May 1, 2015

back in the 'hood

We got home a week ago but I am still operating on Mexican time.  Took my first trip to CostCo to stock up and gasped at sticker shock!  What I paid for those few little things would have fed us for a month.  This place is just too darned expensive!  And on the first Monday here, no tianguis.  No domino game on Tuesday,  either.  No soft surf noise at night.  Abd it's so dry by comparison that I had chapped lips before I even unpacked.  Of course there are some awfully nice perks to living here; we get REAL water pressure in the shower, and the supermarket is just a couple of blocks away ~ instead of in a town 20 miles distant.  But really, we do have the best of both worlds.

The weather up here in the valley is beautiful but  these sorts of warm and sunny days are coming way too early and that fact, along with the water issue, does not bode well for our gardens.  Buckets in the showers is the only solution.  If we thought we would be getting the pool fixed this summer we are having to rethink that; we probably couldn't refill it after any work was done.  I have to go to the city offices and inquire.

I'll get back into the blog swing before too long so stay tuned.


ddmichel said...

glad to hear you had a safe trip home.....xxoo

Liz said...

In your 'hood, you also have such things as movies, TV, concerts, and the like... Welcome home!!!

So glad you blogged today, I have been worried...