Friday, May 29, 2015

another chilling read

If you were hooked  by Gone Girl or Before I go to Sleep, you'll be quickly reeled in by this one.

Great story, artfully revealed through its three main characters.  If you can get your hands on the Penguin audio book, do so.  The three separate readers are superb.  It's really a stay-up-all-night kind of story.

I have been on a mini-sabbatical from the blog mainly because I really have nothing to write about.   But here's a capsule catch-up of the last couple of weeks.  We had short ~ 2 might ~ visit from daughter Cait.  She and I did a shopping blitz and a local outlet mall, the first time I've been SHOPPING in person and not via e-tail in many years.  She found what she was looking for so it was a great success.  I've been doing my daily morning walk through various neighborhoods, checking on the progress of the changing landscapes as the valley tries to cope with our severe water situation.  Lots of imaginative uses of bark and stones!  We are in good shape here in Casa Contenta since we have no grass and most of our landscaping is done in pots.  Not much water needed to keep them alive.

I've seen a few movies over the past couple of weeks; The Imitation Game (*****), Silk (****), Birdman (I gave up after about 15 minutes; not in the mood, I guess but I'll try again), Call the Midwife (I started at the beginning since I had not watched it when it originally ran.  Definitely *****).

Otherwise, who knows where the time has gone.


ddmichel said...

I gave up on Birdman also in about 15 I don't feel so bad

Liz said...

You know I am one who likes to see the best/latest films in the theater, as an avid film buff. I saw all of the Oscar top nominees (and then some) in Palm Springs last winter. But, Birdman just looked so silly, I had no interest in seeing it. I'm not a fan of what's-his-name either. I cannot believe that both the film and actor were nominated for the top awards! Thanks for confirming what I thought all along...

I see that American Sniper is now on DVD, and I will again recommend it. It is not what you think it is... It got a bum rap by those who hadn't seen it as "glorifying war." NOT SO. I believe it had the opposite effect, showing the impact these long, multiple deployments have on soldiers and their families. I love Bradley Cooper, too. It is an excellent film!

mary ann said...

Call the Midwife is just too boring this season - all those damn babies.
Loved Girl on Train!

DAK said...

I see on Amazon that if I loved "All the Light You Cannot See" I will also love "Girl on the Train." "All The Light You Cannot See" is wonderful, gripping and heartfelt. But bear in mind that I really loved "Birdman," it had so much of the essence of the artistic process in it. As far as not blogging so often goes, me too. I think I used to want to report on myself and my doings, now I mostly bore myself when it comes to writing about it. So I pick and choose. You will too.