Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ready for the weekend

This is the view from my "sick bed" in the bedroom.  I've been just a bit under the weather for the past few days.  Nothing too serious but I can report that I am feeling much better and am ready for what's ahead this weekend.  Here in our village it will be Carnival (a few days late but nonetheless . . .) but for Mr. C and me it will be a weekend in Manzanillo.  I don't know why the parades and floats are moved to this weekend but it's something we'd rather leave to the locals.  So tomorrow we will head off for a little hotel on Las Brisas where we will hole up for three days.  That will include some smart restaurant-going, some shopping ~ not so smart as it will include Home Depot and WalMart, but you go where the good are around here ~ and other "big city" diversions.   I will take the trusty Air® with me and keep you informed as to what's going on.

As for things here over the past week, nothing much to report.  We've had the spray truck through to try to keep the mosquito population at bay; there have been a couple of unconfirmed cases of Zika here.  But today I was down in the colonia visiting a friend and the mosquitoes were swarming everywhere.  It's a miracle that everyone down there doesn't have Dengue or Zika or even malaria!

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mary ann said...

Glorious photo and your writing is always exceptional. Heal