Sunday, February 21, 2016

weekend (no load) phnotos

On Thursday evening we had guests over for dinner.  The evening was just perfect for sitting out on the terrazza; warm, still, bug-less.  I cooked a luscious tomato cheese tart BUT, as frequently happens, everything that could have gone wrong did.  I have made this particular dish probably 15 times over the years, but that night it just didn't want to come together.  Oh well, it got eaten nonetheless.  Why does this happen???

OK folks.  I have two photos to add.  One is of the wonderful table setting, the other is of our new umbrella in the front garden.  Neither will load onto this page.  I'll work on it tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, we had a lovely, quiet weekend and are looking forward to the same next week.

FLASH!!  Suddenly the photo load worked!  Here they are.  I can sleep well tonite, knowing I don't have to wrestle with this problem tomorrow.