Thursday, February 25, 2016

the social ramble

As old Satchel Paige was quoted as saying, "The social ramble ain't restful."  He was right.  But he should have added that it could be lots of fun!

Tuesday night we went to dinner at the home of two of our favorite locals.  We spent three hours enjoying good conversation, a delicious dinner ~ both are good cooks ~ and considered it an all-around fine evening.

Then last night we went down to B & B's charming little house for what was billed as a "nacho party."  I wasn't quite sure what that might mean but thought it was "nacho's and drinks and adios."  Not so!

A beautiful table was laid so I figured  we were in for more!

Last year they built a domed oven in their garden.  It is their basic oven for all the cooking.  First, Blanche had roasted heads of garlic which we smeared on crispy toasts.  Then came cheesy, spicy nachos.  Next was a cool, crisp salad made with shredded cabbage and slivered red pepper.  The last thing out of that amazing oven was  marinated arrachera, roasted to perfection.    This was a l-o-n-g way from nachos and beer!

Tonight we eat at home!  Dago's on Friday, of course, for my usual bountiful shrimp.   (Saturday "opera" salad with left-over shrimp  while listening to  Alban Berg's Lulu).  Then what I think will be a quiet weekend.  But you never know what might happen.

We are now half way through our winter stay ~ 10 weeks to go.  I made our return reservations for April 20.  I know it will be here sooner than we expect.  Let me just add that it has been a real treat ~ so far ~ not to have to throw away political detritus coming through the mail or to get robo calls, although I know it will still be there when we get home, and it will be worse.  I am NOT having fun during this election cycle.

Full moon Monday night.  Brightened  sky like florescent lighting!

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I really love your posts, Fevered Brain.