Sunday, November 20, 2016

an "in front of the fire" day

It's cold and rainy here in the valley today, a perfect day to sit by the fire with a good read.  That would be Strange Justice:  The Selling of Clarence Thomas.

It is about the bizarre confirmation hearing that pit Thomas against Anita Hill.  Meticulously researched and documented, the case is laid out almost day by day.  When it's all over, he has been elevated to the court and she is left out, but not down.  This book affirms what we all knew from the beginning; she was right, it did happen just the way she said it did.  Thomas comes off as a Jeckyl-Hyde character, not too bright but extremely shrewd.  If you are at all curious about how this all happened, I highly recommend it.  Authored by Jane Meyer, who writes for The New Yorker, and  Jill Abramson, one-time executive editor of the New York Times.

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mary ann said...

Thanks for the review ~ I just knew she hadn't made this stuff up.