Saturday, November 19, 2016

the magic carpet

I saw an ad for a Turkish carpet for sale in our neighborhood.  Now, my house is completely "rugged out"  and the last thing I need is another carpet.  We have carpets from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia . . . see what I mean?  But this beauty called out to me and, after some serious hesitation, I said "Why not?  I'll find a place for it" and bought it.

This beauty has an interesting provenance.  It was given to the seller as a gift about 25 years ago by her anthropologist uncle who bought it in Turkey.  She thinks it is probably about 50 years old.  She has never displayed or used it; it has been rolled up in her garage all this time.  It is in excellent condition.  The colors are bright and clear, the weave is tight and clean.  It now graces the floor in our entryway, a gloriously cheerful welcome to our home.

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