Wednesday, November 23, 2016

chemistry lesson

I've been doing a little research on the topic of "chemistry" as it applies to people's connection with one another.  You know the saying, "They have great chemistry" or they don't.  I can think of people in the public eye who have it:  the Obamas, for instant.  And who don't: the Trumps.  Enough of politics.

Let's move from Washington to Hollywood.  I'm not a follower of all things Hollywood but I have read a bit about the breakup of the Brangelinas.  I know only the tiniest bit of their history together, but I thought it might be an interesting chemistry lesson to watch the two movies they starred in, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and By the Sea.  I had not seen either.  From what I have read about it,  the Smith flick was well received and, more important to my "research" was commented on for its over-the-top, smoke-from-the-screen chemistry.  They were having more fun that probably was legal at the time.  One was married, but after that film, not for long.  Then they took up with each other and the rest is history.  Until now.

Leap ahead 12 years and six kids and there's not only a lot of ink but this second movie, By the Sea, written and directed by Jolie.  There is not one drop of chemistry between these two, although "he" tries like anything to assure her that there is.  Now, it may well be the script, the characters they play, the story, but it was really painful to watch.  They were NOT having fun, even in their misery.  Maybe because, despite my best efforts, I know what has happened to these two admittedly gifted performers.  But chemistry?  Not one frame.  It was actually painful to watch and only partly because it's a terrible movie.

Think about Cary Grant and his various leading ladies ~ Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Eva Marie Saint, Sophia Loren.  Instant and insane chemistry based on how much fun they were all having together.  As for women, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, and the other above-mentioned women.  It's rare that when they are in a film there is not chemistry between them and their leading man.  Even if they are antagonists or miserable in a relationship, there's still "something" there.

Ok.  Chemistry class is over.

Now on to wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are.  Be safe on the road or in the air, don't eat or drink too much, and give thanks that, as of yet, we are still in a world that's fairly intact and understandable.  This may not last.

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jacquie1062001 said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the chemistry lesson. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day.