Friday, August 4, 2017

a short update from cyberspace

Just a short note to let you know that the new computer was NOT killed off by some invading virus called Zeus Virus.  Instead, the virus was sent off into the ether and my beautiful new machine was declared safe.  But really, the Mac operating system (?) is so well protected from enemy invasion that we, the fortunate users of this system, really don't have tip worry about such things as enemy invaders.  Isn't that the reason we bought an Apple in the first place?

I took the machine up to Sacramento to Core Care, the ne plus ultra of Apple service.  They checked it all out, pronounced the virus a total fake, and sent me home.   But they did say that this particular "virus warning" has been cropping up lately.  The solution is to simply shut down the computer, restart, and the threatening warning will be gone  DO NOT call the phone number on the message.  It's totally bogus.

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mary ann said...

Oh, thanks for this. I'm loyal to Apple just because it/they are so intuitive, but I
know they fight the bad virus guys too.