Sunday, August 29, 2010

saturday on the land

Yesterday we drove to the eastern side of Lunenburg Harbor for this scenic view.

Then up and around through gorgeous countryside, along bays and ponds to Hirtles Beach on the edge of the Atlantic.

Here's a close-up of a very curious beach sculpture whose tail feathers are made of metal "seaweed."

We drove over to the Lahave ferry. We waited in line with this little yellow sports car was in front of us. First glance at the passengers revealed a blond and a darker haired couple.

Second glance revealed something quite different. This gentleman's passenger was a friendly black standard.

The ferry holds 10 cars on a ride that takes 5 minutes and is as scenic as all get out.

Next stop was a delicious lunch here.

Right next door was this edifice. Makes you wonder about city government . . .

We came home tired but very happy after a really glorious sight-see. We had stopped at the market in Mahone Bay and bought 10 lbs. of mussels for a yummy dinner of mussels in cream. We turned in early as today is a very busy sailing day. It's time to pull the boat out of the water for the winter, so we will sail from Mahone Bay out and around some islands into Lunenburg Harbor. Tomorrow morning the Bel Canto will be hoisted out of the water. I'll be there to capture the whole operation for your viewing pleasure.

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