Sunday, August 22, 2010

weekend with the whiz kid

Grandson Andrew was with us over last weekend. Much too short a time, but he heads back to university on Friday, and we leave for Canada tomorrow, so this was our window of opportunity. Much talk, a spot of shopping for new dress shoes ~ do you have any idea how expensive those things are? ~ and best of all, some computer fiddling. While other kids were eating potato chips, he was noshing on computer chips. It's astounding to watch him navigate around the nether regions of the Mac, tweaking and clicking and making all sorts of interesting things happen. He plays the keyboard like a Steinway Grand.

He got the two computers, the laptop and the desktop, to talk to one another. Some things done on one will miraculously show up on the other. Amazing! Andrew is yet another example of his mother's careful and loving child rearing skills; smart, funny, handsome, kind and very sweet.

Tomorrow morning we head off to Halifax, spend the night, pick up our car on Thursday morning and drive to Lunenburg, on Mahone Bay if you're checking your map. Looking forward to a week of sailing, snoozing, walking, eating fish, and catching up with our hosts, Pat and Jon. Cait has assured us that stand-by seating will be no problem, at least on the first two flights ~ Sacramento to Minneapolis to Detroit. It's the third leg, Detroit to Halifax that looks tight. We're hoping for the best. Taking the LapMac. More from wherever we end up.

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