Wednesday, August 25, 2010

two in one

I was determined that we take ONLY one carry-on for this trip. Why? When you travel stand-by your luggage is the last to be loaded. If your travel has a second airport, it is off loaded and set aside to wait for the OK that you have made the next flight, then loaded. And so on. What do you suppose are the odds of your luggage getting sent to Barcelona while your body goes on to Memphis? And as a stand-by it is YOUR responsibility to fetch your luggage if it doesn't arrive when you do. In other words, let's say you are planning to visit someplace such as, oh, I don't know, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. But when you land at the Halifax airport, no luggage. You are told that perhaps in 24 hours ~ the next flight from Detroit where your bags didn't get the word to hop aboard ~ perhaps your bags would be there and you can come back and get them. But you are planning to drive 3 hours away to Lunenburg. Change of plans. You sit around until 9:00 PM the following night hoping your luggage shows up. This brief nightmare scenario is brought to you to explain why it's all carry-on for this trip. We got it all into a nice soft-sided "wheelie" that actually belongs to Alex and was brought up here by Andrew. He graciously packed all his stuff into my hard-sided "wheelie" and left me his for this trip. Both Mr. C and I are notorious over-packers; too many turtlenecks, too many pants/shorts/T-shirts. Careful yet severe pruning has gotten the load waaaaay down. So it's one bag, one computer case, one tote.

It will just have to do. How many changes of costume do you need when spending the bulk of the time on a boat?

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ddmichel said...

Wow! Good job! Now all that is left is to have a great trip!!