Friday, October 15, 2010

another airport, another destination

I am wired into the Sacramento airport's server while I await a flight to Albuquerque and, eventually, a shuttle to Santa Fe. This is the weekend of my high school reunion; 18 of us hanging out and getting up to our usual mischief. I was supposed to fly out on Delta via Salt Lake but, like the best non-rev plans, it didn't work. Between the time I checked in downstairs and found out I was #4 on the wait list and made it up to the waiting are, I dropped to #9 and there were only 6 seats available. Not a chance of getting out of Salt Lake into ABQ for the rest of the day . . . or tomorrow. So I had to do something I haven't done for several years; BUY A TICKET on a competing airline, Southwest. But they can get me there, albeit late. I will take a shuttle from the airport directly to the hotel in Santa Fe and should join the revels by 8 PM. I have brought the trusty camera, the hard-working LapMac and will keep you posted on the weekend's events.

I still have some Paris stuff to relate but I have been sort of asleep on my feet since coming home. Just when I think it's time to do a bit of writing, the idea of a nap seems alot more fun. I've accomplished nothing since returning except laundry and, yes, I did finish that terrific book. I'm about to start "The Story of Edward Sawtelle" and am looking forward to it.


mary ann said...

Oh, good, another trip. You must have been (like) totally bored those two days you were home!

Alexandra said...

I still remember our trip to Santa Fe and watching the Opera and the thunderstorm simultaneously! Have a great time.
Talk to you when you return.