Monday, October 11, 2010

oui, oui, oui all the way home!

I made the early morning flight from Salt Lake City, arrived in Sacramento at 9:30, picked up my bag ~ it had spent the night locked up in the Delta luggage office, having made the flight yesterday without me ~ and was back home by 10:15. And might glad to be here, let me tell you. The Airporter Inn in Salt Lake is not a destination lodging. The lamps beside the bed didn't work, there was no hot water in the bathroom sink, but I was so exhausted that, after noting these shortcomings, went to bed and slept until 4:30 AM this morning. After 20 hours of travel time ~ admittedly, some of that was spent sleeping in SLC ~ I'm back where I started.

I had a nice nap this afternoon, followed by a lovely dinner cooked by Mr. C that included a bottle of Spanish cava to celebrate my safe return to the bosom of my family. Right now, at 8 PM PDL, I am going to bed. I will have to keep you in suspense about my last day in Paris until perhaps tomorrow when I am more awake and alert. I have an appointment for a massage tomorrow morning. When I regain consciousness from that heavenly ordeal, I'll write more. For now, good night from a very tired and very happy traveler.


mary ann said...

No one feels sorry for someone who suffers from jet lag. We are, however, glad that you are home!

DAK said...

That must have been some massage. It's been three days.