Tuesday, October 5, 2010

la chasse de l'oie sauvage

I got up early this morning to go over to the Tuilleries, take a look at the gardens and go to L'Orangerie museum. Out to get the morning croissant and the IHT. Back for the coffee-yogurt-croissant breakfast. Tidy up the apartment, take a shower and wash the California haircut, and I'm out the door at 10 AM. I waited a bit because it was drizzling. Got to the Metro, found the line, transferred at Charles de Gaull-Étoile to another line, got off at Tuilleries and there I was. It's a huge park, with lots of statuary, fountains and ponds encircled by chairs where one can sit and drowse away the day. But not for me! I hobbled (more on that later) through the park to the far corner and found the museum. Fermé! Merde! Yes, Tuesday it is closed. I stood there staring at the place as though by force of concentration I could open it. It didn't work. I finally gave up and went out onto the Place de la Concorde and took a few snaps. First, of course, is the obelisk with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

There are two very grand fountains, one on either side of the obelisk. Neighbor Nelson: If you're reading this, how about one of these for the garden in Cuyutlán?

How about this one instead. About the same size but all the figures are painted black with gold trim. Perhaps a bit much for our village?

I walked around the Place, past the Hotel Crillon (starting rate at about 1200e per night for a modest little room), admired the goodies in the window of a jewelry shop ~ pearls that would choke an elephant and make Nancy Pelosi's South Sea strand look like something won at a carnival ~ and walked along the rue Rivoli to check out the shops. Then across the river at the Pont de la Concorde with the Assemblée Nationale ahead.

Quite a bit of traffic on the river, with the bateaux mouches full of tourists having a look at the city from the river's point of view. I've done this a couple of times and it's always a pleasure. The skyline from that vantage point changes very; the beautiful apartments and hotels particuliers (grand old mansions) that face the Seine, hulking historical buildings, little parks and green spots here and there. But no ride this time. If you look carefully you can see the twin towers of Notre Dame in the background.

I strolled by the Musée d'Orsay, closed for remodeling. Many of its treasures are now at the de Young in San Francisco. On toward Les Invalides, a military museum, among other things, and the place where Napoleon Bonapart's remains reside.

Just on the other side of the river, facing Les Invalides, is the Grand Palais where I go tomorrow for the Monet show.

I had a bit of a scare about that show earlier today. As I was taking photos of the river two American women asked me for directions to the d'Orsay. They were disappointed that it is closed so I mentioned the Monet show at the Grand Palais. "Oh no," one of them said. "It's closed all week because of Fashion Week." I gasped and said I had a ticket to the show tomorrow, oh dear. Not to worry, she said. If you have a ticket you can get in. Although I am now relieved about that I am not relieved that Fashion Week is still going on. I thought it was over last weekend and that everyone going home would be gone by now. It's the Non-Rev thing, you see. I am supposed to fly out Sunday morning. Better get Caitlin busy.

It's now 5 PM here, time for a glass of some yummy Bordeaux I bought. I'm going out to dinner tonight; haven't decided which of the four close-by spots I'll choose, but when I do go I must remember to take my two empty wine bottles and shove them into the recycle kiosks. How handy!

So about that hobbling mentioned above. My right ankle feels like is has been, is or will soon be broken. It gets increasingly painful to walk as the day goes on. I got in touch with my doc and asked if it was a foot issue or an ankle issue. He thinks probably a foot issue because I'm not wearing my super orthotic insoles. I am wearing boots, not spike heels, but am probably not getting the kind of foot support I need. It was better today; yesterday I didn't think I'd make it home. No swelling so no break. A little elevation, a little ice, a little less vanity.


Alexandra said...

Mon Dieu put your orthotics on! You have MILES to go before you return! What a drag to get there and stuff is closed BUT you are in Paris with a million equally amazing options available so all is not lost! Can't wait to hear about the Monet show, Thanks for the French food porn---yummy!
Love you so!

mary ann said...

Hope the foot is better ~ you are still seeing and doing so much.