Friday, November 26, 2010

San Carlos to Topolobampo

Yes, this is really coming to you live from Topolobampo. The last time we were here the hotel had no hot water. Now the place is all wired up. Amazing.

Another easy trip today. We left San Carlos at 8:30 and arrived here at 2 PM. Only one checkpoint. The policeman, a roly-poly chap with curly back hair stuck his head in my window and said, "You Americas?" We said yes, he smiled broadly and said, "OK, good-bye." And that was it.

We'll stay in for dinner tonight ~ sandwiches made with turkey we brought from Alex's feast, either some wine or beer, and a big avocado. Tomorrow morning we'll be out of here early as we have a long slog, almost 500 miles to Tepic. More from there tomorrow.


mary ann said...

Good news. The avocados seem special this year, don't they? Be safe...

DAK said...

So glad you're on your way and we'll get to hear more from Paradise. Happy holidays!

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