Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tucson to San Carlos

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We have made it safely to San Carlos so right there, we have much to be thankful for.

We pulled away from the hotel at 6:45 this morning, bought a NYTimes, and headed for the border. It was 30º and the sunrise was spectacular. My camera, of course, was buried somewhere in the mid-section of the car so you’ll just have to believe me.

At the first check point the Border Patrol has laid out a cement barricade maze that you have to drive through. We made it without scraping up the car. We drove past the various lights and alarms. Got the red light and set off a wailing siren. We were prepared to unload the car (gasp!) for inspection but nobody even looked up. So we drove away very slowly, expecting a bullet in the tires or something. Nada. We drove on to the second check point where we have to get stamped in to the country. Very busy. Us Americans (and some Canadians) are NOT scared away from this country we love so much. Got back in the car to go to the second set of lights and alarms. Green! Go! Pase. And we did.

A smooth, uneventful, quick drive through Hermasillo and on to San Carlos to the lovely little hotel where we always stay. By now the temperature was 74º and downright balmy. I’m sure you get tired of seeing this same old place, so just scroll on by and don’t look.

The hotel is having a special Thanksgiving dinner in the dining room but we’ll probably pass. We never seen to eat a lot when we travel, so it will be their delicious Tortilla Soup and a good Mexican beer.

Tomorrow it is on to Topolobambo. No internet there ~ it’s a pretty primitive town ~ so next word will be from Tepic.


Alexandra said...

Thanks for the post. Got your e-mail, have the duffel of unmarked small bills ready to go.

Safe travel and love to you both.

mary ann said...

I never tire of your trips to Mexico, or Paris or Davis, for that matter.