Tuesday, September 13, 2011

on 9/11

Like everyone else on the planet I have been watching, reading, listening to and thinking about our national disaster of 9/11. Unlike many, however, I was getting full-up on it all. I would rather have seen or read or heard one or two really good thoughts or essays or Op Eds; the endless ink and celluloid were getting to me. Nonetheless, I watched some of the ceremony to commemorate the opening of the New York memorial, which I happen to think is stunningly gorgeous. Here's what really moved me to tears. A young man, now 21, talked about what he missed about his father. "I miss having you teach me how to catch a football, how to drive, and how to ask a girl out on a date." That young man's poignant and sweet longing for his father's love and wisdom turned on the waterworks big time.

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ddmichel said...

with all the hoopla, that photo you posted was the nicest and most beautiful!