Friday, September 9, 2011

there was a change of plans

The trip to the Crocker last Tuesday was canceled after Alex received a phone call from Pete telling her that g-daughter Emily had been injured while on a school-sponsored camping trip. I'm still not sure how it happened but it involved her knee and the faculty counselor thought it was serious. So Tuesday morning was spent calling around to find a good orthopedic surgeon who could check out the problem. Of course the camping site was in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. How to get her out of there and to the ranger station where she could be picked up? She was going to have to hike out ~ or limp out. Meanwhile, Alex decided she had to go home that day instead of Wednesday as originally planned. Much cell phoning back and forth. Before she left we learned that Em had gotten off the mountain to the station and her father was there to pick her up.

On Wednesday Alex called to say that the damage was not as bad as had been feared. More of a sprained ligament, not a tear. She was actually able to walk down the trail. No surgery necessary. She was seen by a doc in Santa Barbara ~ she goes to school in Ojai so it's a good idea to have a doc relatively close by for follow-up. Front and back motion; no lateral motion. That's OK for walking but not OK for volleyball playing. And she's on the girls' volleyball team. No sports for four weeks. She's now at home recuperating under her mother's loving attention. She'll return to school over the weekend.

Even though the visit was cut short, it was wonderful to have her here. We'll to the Crocker next time.

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