Friday, February 1, 2013

at day's end

This is the time of year when we get the most spectacular sunsets.  It's a combination of the angle of the sun plus a scattering of clouds that blow up around 5 o'clock.  Every evening is yet another glorious show of color.  I'll check out the view from Dago's tonight.

The other news is that Fernando and his crew have finished (well, almost) the new wall and it looks quite good.  What's left is a bit more painting and the gate, which is being built by a local carpenter and may be ready as soon as Tuesday.

Tejas to go on little roof

Juan finishing the entry roof

Tejas completed

Almost finished
Toward the house

Tomorrow's opera is Rossini's Le Comte Ory, a delightful bel canto comedic piece with the incomperable Juan Diego Flórez in the title role. The Countess Adèle is being sung by a young South African soprano named Pretty Yende.  Hear them both in a rehearsal for this performance here. It might tempt you to tune in. I'll be front and center myself.


mary ann said...

very nice indeed and I always enjoy a good sunset photo, thanks...

Anonymous said...

Liz says:

I remember those spectacular sunsets... I have photos of some of the best of the ones during my stay there. Your photo is gorgeous!

The wall project is most interesting!

Elizabeth Hoffnung said...

Gotta love that sea of red that signals the end of the day. Sometimes I go out and enjoy it for half an hour or so and just drink it all in.

That aside, the entry roof looks wonderful! The contrast of the white fence and the ceramic roof really comes out neat and homey. Kudos!

Tom Willi said...

Looks like they made quick work of that roof. Nevertheless, it looks really well-made. The new gate should go well with the wall and tejas once it has had the time to weather down a bit.