Sunday, February 10, 2013

getting ready

There's a whole lot of hustle and bustle in the house this weekend.  Screens and windows getting washed, some cosmetic painting ~ a bit here, a bit there, just to make things look better ~ and the small bedroom downstairs cleaned out and set up as if for visitors.  Then the downstairs guest quarters tidied up and made ready for a real guest who will be arriving on Friday.  That would be daughter Alex who will spend a week with us.

The rest of the dusting and cleaning is in preparation for a couple of local real estate agents who will be coming to look at the house.  We have been thinking of putting the house on the market for at least a year so we are taking the first step.  We are not in a hurry, and are not going to sell it this season or perhaps even next, unless we get an offer we can't refuse.  But we do need to get serious about all of our Mexican real estate holdings ~ one house, one lot.  Not much.  But if you have property here you really need to be here to take care of it.  And it is a full-time job once you get here.  This means being present EVERY YEAR, despite having a caretaker.  That cuts down on travel anyplace else.  So if we sell here, we can always come down and rent for a few weeks.

I'll be interested in hearing what the agents have to say.  I'll pass it on, you can be sure.


Anonymous said...

Liz says:

Sooner or later, nearly everyone realizes that one house to care for is more than enough. Despite how much we loved it, we sold our beloved Lake Winnipesauke cottage because of the constant maintenance, and to have money to travel. You are right to start thinking about this, and as you say, you can always come down there to visit if you sell. Having said that, I know it will be a wrench to let go of that beautiful home there!

Give Alex a big hug for me-- and have a wonderful visit!!!

mary ann said...

Have a great time with Alex, of course you will!