Tuesday, February 12, 2013

real estate decisions

We had a very interesting walk-through with the real estate chaps this afternoon.  The house looked  beautiful; Mr. C cleaned  the screens and windows and the light flooded in; I tidied up everything I could think of, putting things back where they belonged or, better yet, getting oddments and endments out of sight.  Chuy came today and both Mr. C and I agree that we shouldn't have people in the house except on Tuesdays when she has made everything sparkle.

The visit was very informative and gave us a road map toward a successful sale.  The house is in a prime location, one block from the beach and two blocks from town. Apparently there are more buyers inquiring about propoerties "in town" rather than out in the colonia. So they are optimistic about our chances for selling. We have decided we will put it on the market next January (2014) as the sale season here is January - May.  We will sell the house fully furnished; chairs, tables, cushions, pots, pans, glassware, garden tools, sheets, towels, etc.  In the spring when we pack up and head home we'll take with us those precious goodies we want to have in the US, including art work, Mr. C's favorite Calphalon pot (!), those gorgeous rainbow plates I brought down some years ago, some books.  The rest we'll turn over to the new owners.  There are cosmetic repairs that Fernando needs to finish but we'll have him do them after we leave.  These repairs are simply the result of living in a climate with so much moisture in the air that everything gets corroded and cracked.

Tomorrow morning he'll show up early to repaint our bedroom.  I have never been thrilled with the aqua color I chose a few years ago.  It reminds me of the walls in a Mexican motel whose rooms are rented by the hour.  I picked a new color, perhaps a boring one, but I'll like it better.  Here's what it looks like now:

The new color is called Porcelain, a nice creamy shade.  It will lighten up the room and match the new bedspread.  Well, if I don't like it I'll just repaint.  I'll take some pix tomorrow and you can see the change.


mary ann said...

wow, I'm reading this w/ fascination and I'll send a separate email ~

DAK said...

This can't be an easy decision, though I understand not wanting to be tied down to one spot in the wide world. I imagine you'll change your mind a few more times too.