Monday, February 4, 2013

comida at El Barcel

We have started a mini-tradition of going down to Fernando's puesto on Sunday afternoon for a delicious comida of fish and a variety of other tasty treats.  I love fish and would eat it two or three times a week if Mr. C would agree, but he's more a meat-and-potato kind of guy although he's happy with pasta or other things.  The fish is always tender, sweet, succulent.  And Chuy is a wonderful cook.  We have decided, jointly, that it's the best fish restaurant ever, anywhere.  Let's share the glory; Dago does shrimp like nobody else and Fernando does filete de pargo like nobody else.

The bar at El Barcel

The kitchen

The view

The bocas

These are the traditional snacks in most of the restaurants here; jicama and cucumber sprinkled with tajine, a salt-lime-cayenne pepper mixture. But Fernando makes his own and it's much, much better.

el plato  

 Here's what we ate, from the top, clockwise:  guacamole, orange slice and cucumbers, waldorf-style salad, chicken salad, rice, steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, chayote), and the beautiful, garlic-y fish filet.

I didn't go to tianguis today since I was getting ready for a domino group this afternoon. But last week, when I went with Carolyn, a previous resident who was visiting from the US, she took this great photo of the hat market along side the road.

All you cowboys and cowgirls, take note.

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mary ann said...

That fish food and the setting makes me envy you so much! The hats make me laugh.