Friday, May 10, 2013

let's see, where was I?

A comment to my last post was, "Surely something blog worthy has been happening . . ."  Actually, not much.  Just unpacking, moving unpacked boxes from here to there, searching out lost or mislaid belongings, working my way through two huge tubs of mail.  Those sorts of things aren't really very noteworthy.  In fact, I think about this blog a lot and wonder why I am writing it.  But then I get the urge and, well, here I go again.

First, it's good to be a Mother and so Happy Mother's Day to all.  I don't really care what you're a mother to ~ your own kids, step-kids, your friends' kids, dogs, cats, parakeets, gerbils.  Having someone/thing to mother feels good.  I got these two gorgeous gifts delivered to my house.  This one is from Mr. C.  You can only imagine my utter surprise!  And they're my favorite flower, alstroemeria.

Then this morning this "living garden" arrangement arrived from daughter Alex.  Everything in the basked can be taken out and planted in my own garden, which I will do in a few days.

There's an African Violet, some ivy, a spotted philodendron and that bright pink plant with the shiny, thick leaves that I can't remember the name of.  (Miss Parker:  Please note that I am aware that I have ended the previous sentence with a preposition but I was stuck for a different construction.)  A nice little perennial garden right on my bedside table.

This  wonderful greeting arrived from the folks in Bozeman.  That would be Cait, Mike and "the boys."   How could it not be a Happy Mother's Day?

The past two weeks I have spent reacquainting myself with my house  and how things work back here in the USA.  First, laundry.  I don't have to use the garden hose to fill the washing machine!  I just toss in the clothes, push a button and the water comes gushing in.  At the beach, since the house has only gravity to act as pressure, water dribbles in from the rooftop tinaco and it takes about to do laundry.  So instead I run the well pump that has a lot of pressure, put the garden hose in the washer and it fills up in a minute or two.  Ingenious.  I got all my doctors' appointments out of the way and am relieved to know that I am a fabulously healthy person, inside and out.  Not counting diabetes, of course!  Mr. C has done the same and although he still has a parasite making a home in his gut, he is feeling splendid.  Very good news.  We are also actually getting mail at our PO box.  What a concept.  I've also watched a couple of movies ~ Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and The Life of Pi.  Now all those things are wonderful, but here's what I miss.  Going to the market and not spending $150 for two measly bags. Nighttime wave action; it's way to quiet.  Afternoon domino games.  Beach walking.  A quick trip to Baby's to stock up on Takis, my most favorite snack food.  I am now hoarding my little stash because once they're gone, they're gone until next trip. 

Almost finished "The Orphan Master's Son" by Adam Johnson.  I highly recommend it.  Five stars.


Ruby Strane DeGoursey said...

Alstroemeria were one of Vic's favorites, too. Enjoy! Happy Mother's Day. YLN xx

mary ann said...

Loved this post and happy about all the flowers and great health news...