Wednesday, May 29, 2013

weekend in La Jolla

Tomorrow I am heading down to La Jolla for a few days of visits with boarding school classmates and to honor the woman who was our headmistress.

This is Miss Rosamond Larmour (aka Rosamond Larmour Loomis) in a photograph taken most probably about 1953 when she came to Bishops School from The Hockaday School.  She died in March at the fine age of 102 years old.  Imagine!  And until then she was as sharp as ever.  She remembered the name of EVERY student who had been at the school during her nine-year tenure and, probably, every prank and scrape they had been in.

I visited her several times when I made my trek down to La Jolla.  The last time I saw her and greeted her as "Miss Larmour" she said, "Please, call me Rosamond."  I couldn't even call her Mrs. Loomis much less Rosamond!  She married a delightful widower some years after she left the school so I never really "knew" her as Mrs. Loomis.  She'll always be Miss Larmour to me.

There is a memorial service in the campus chapel on Saturday morning, followed by a luncheon.  I'm hoping several of my classmates will be there.  My usual hostess and I will have time for  nice beach walks with her dogs, a stroll on Girard Street to poke around in the antique stores, and a lunch or dinner out.  I fly home on Sunday in time to meet a couple from our village in Mexico who will be in town for a memorable birthday party for a friend.  Breakfast with them early Monday morning.

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mary ann said...

oh, good, I look forward to your report!