Tuesday, May 21, 2013

luncheon on the terrace

It was a beautiful day up here in the valley, perfect weather to sit outside on the terrace at La Provence and enjoy a lovely, leisurely lunch.

 There is also a lovely indoor dining room ~ we sat indoors last time we were there because (a) they were setting up for a wedding reception and (b) it was too bloody hot to sit on the patio.  This is the valley, you know.

  I had been looking forward to a big dish of mussels but, alas, they were not on the menu. Instead, I had a delicately grilled piece of salmon on a bed of red quinoa and curly kale. Cait had grilled scallops that she characterized as "like creamy pats of rich butter." Mr. C opted for the lamb stew with Spring vegetables. That was all washed down with a bottle of cold, lemony Vouvray. Since it was a birthday celebration we went for a really outrageous dessert to share: Bread Pudding made with brioche and croissants, walnuts, caramel sauce and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Even I, not a big dessert eater, had a couple of bites and it was mmm, mmm good!  It was a very fun afternoon filled with good conversation and wonderful food.  Thank you, Mr. C!

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