Tuesday, May 14, 2013

love in bloom

The Mother's Day bouquet sent to me by Mr. C is now in full, gorgeous bloom.  At first glance I couldn't tell what colors the blossoms would be.  It look like some of every hue I've ever seen these flowers.  They'll be good for another week.

While I was out doing errands this morning Mr. C brought out some of the summer deck furniture.

THE place for morning coffee and the NYT, esp. the crossword and OpEd page.

It's not quite warm enough to swim; about 78º this afternoon.  Eighty degrees is the best.

Best afternoon seating.  That big alder tree has been there for 30 years and gives gorgeous, dappled shade in the summer and horrendous leaf and pod droppings in the winter.  But it's worth it.

The garden is at its best right now, before it gets so hot everything wilts and dies.  And I'm showing this now because in a month or so we are going to have some cosmetic work done on the pool exterior and the planters.  The finish (plaster) has cracked badly and is crumbling in some places.  It's looking more like a Roman ruin every day.  Yesterday a contractor came to give it all the once-over.  He's going to come up with a repair plan that will entail either taking most of the exterior walls apart and redoing them or just refinishing everything.  It appears the worthies who built this pool 13 years ago didn't allow for expansion joints along the top cap which is why there are so many cracks.  We'll wait for some quotes and then decide.

Meanwhile, we are certainly enjoying the lovely, sunny weather.  Hope it's the same where you are!


ddmichel said...

I love your yard!! The pool is beautiful - thanks for the photos, I so enjoyed them!!

mary ann said...