Friday, January 29, 2016

birria for dinner

On our way to Tecoman yesterday to do some errands we passed this restaurant. 

We've been eyeing it for some time now but just never got around to going in.  But we decided it was time so, on our way home, did a big U-turn and went in.  We got two orders to-go; one chivo and one res.   Order included tortillas y frijoles and a couple of little plastic bags of HOT sauce.  All in all a very delicious meal.  There is another rather disreputable looking spot on the outskirts of Tecoman whose birria is better and would undoubtedly be favored by Mexicans who really know their birria.  But we've satisfied our curiosity and will probably make the trek to the other, more out-of-the-way place.  Chuy tells me there is also a good place in Armeria ~ Birria de Dama ~ which we will try next.

Last Saturday we went to an absolutely lovely dinner party at a beautiful home down in the colonia.  Our host/ess have three gorgeous female champagne Standard Poodles who were very much in evidence.  I remarked to the host that my understanding is that this breed were very smart dogs.  "Well, yes," he muttered, "but not these three!"  I was utterly enchanted by these creatures.  Here are a couple of photos sent to me by their owner.

Something  we always get  in Tecoman are these potatoes.  They're  the closest we can get to Idahos, good for mashing, baking, making oven French Fries.  They're called papas tierra or "earth potatoes."  The only place I've ever seen  them is in a big warehouse in the market section of Tecoman.  They are very different from the usual spuds in the tianguis or supermarket, which are white and waxy-skinned.

That's about it for life at the beach.  Weather is cool and overcast so no viewing of the alignment of the planets here.  Dago's tonight.  Tomorrow's opera is Turandot, one of my most favorite.  I will be enjoying my shrimp salad while listening to Puccini's  glorious tunes.