Wednesday, January 6, 2016

not today

Again, I am writing this in Word, waiting for a brief (1 minute) window when the internet is connected.  We were supposed to get this fixed today, but as of 2:30 this afternoon, no sight of Telmex.  What this country needs is a competing communications system instead of the Carlos Slim monopoly.  But this is not going to happen in our lifetime so we need to simply accept the idea that perhaps mañana connection may happen.

Meanwhile, the weather has cooled a bit and it is much more pleasant.  Life is going on as usual; Dago’s on Friday (it was mobbed with New Year’s revelers), no opera Saturday because of no internet, Fernando’s on Sunday for a wonderful comida of sopa de pescado, tianguis on Monday, dominoes on Tuesday, and now here we are.  We’re going up to Colima for some errands tomorrow, just to break the monotony!

None of this is very exciting so maybe I don’t need the internet for this post after all.  No news, political or otherwise.  Perhaps a blessing.

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