Monday, January 11, 2016

how things work

I really have no idea how or why the internet does or doesn't work.  I know that if nothing is plugged in it won't work.  But why, when it is all plugged in and the modem is blinking and you get full bars on the screen, doesn't it work?  Then there's this:  yesterday when Fernando telephoned TelMex (yet again) to report the outage, suddenly everything lit up and we had a good connection.  That lasted several hours.  Then it went out.  Then someone called us and Bingo! we were connected.  The preponderance of evidence now shows that we can make the damned thing work by either placing or receiving a phone call.  Just a few minutes ago the light went off, Mr. C picked up the phone ~ didn't call or even dial, just picked it up ~ and we're connected.  As I say, I don't know how it really works but I've figured out how it works in our house!  Oops!  It's just cut out so I'll wait a minute or two, pick up the phone and see what happens.   Yep, dialed Jack, hung up and we're back in business.

Tomorrow we are going into Tecoman for several errands; buy bacon, cheese, spuds, some potting soil at the vivero, then some groceries.  But first a stop at Telmex to see if they can figure out what's going on and fix it.

Today's tiangues yielded up the usual goodies including three beautiful, shiny eggplant.  I also bought some zucchini and tomatoes to make a tian for dinner one night this week.  Jack has abundant basil just ready for the picking so I've got all the proper ingredients.  I wish we had a grill so we could pair this yummy dish with a nice steak but alas, no.  Perhaps b-b-q chicken from the superb take-away shop in Armeria.

But right now I am about to start a big pot of tomato sauce for various and sundry pasta dishes over the next few months.  It will all go into the freezer, ready for whatever seems right at the time.


Alexandra said...

So tiresome---don't they know we all live for our daily dispatches?!!

mary ann said...