Sunday, January 17, 2016

Domingo a la playa

Sundays are usually pretty quiet here.  We do the orange juice thing in the morning, have coffee and something either sweet or savory~ this morning it was some left-over tomato cheese tart ~ and then bustle around until it's time to go to Fernando's Puesto El Barcel for comida.  The "bustle" today involved cleaning out a pot with several generations of aloe plants.  Mr. C brandished his machete and hacked out about 5 plants, which we will put in other pots or into the garden in the lot.  The "mother" plant was mighty glad to get rid of those greedy children and grandchildren plants and will now, I hope, put up some flowering stalks to draw the Kisskidees who will arrive in a few weeks and sip the nectar from the aloe blossoms.  We'll see.

Around 2 PM we strolled down to the beach to enjoy a delicious fish meal prepared by Chuy. 
We had to bring our own beer today because this is the date of the state elation for gobernador and there is no liquor sold anywhere for 24 hours.  So Indio it was!  One of the cutest guests at the puesto was Fernando's granddaughter, Fernanda (28 months old) who was making the rounds, greeting all the customers.  She is absolutely fearless, greets everyone and has much to say.  Huge brown eyes with eyelashes out to HERE!

After comida, back home to get caught up on the internet's offerings.  We have been "in the dark" since yesterday afternoon about 4 PM when, for some reason, both the phone and the internet went dead.  We were out of touch until Fernando called us at 1 PM to ask if we were coming down to eat .  Suddenly everything was working again and has been OK since  (it is now 9:30 PM here).  Nevertheless, we are going in to Tecoman to TelMex tomorrow, after tianguis to lodge another complaint and  try to explain (that would be MY job) that somehow the internet and the telephone lines are mixed up.  I'm checking the dictionary for the appropriate words.

Lovely evening.  First, a puesta del sol.

When we first got here this sinking sun would have been to the left of the palm tree.  Now you can see it's moving north.  Pretty soon it will sink behind all those houses and we won't see it at all.

And finally, these lovely silhouettes.  Buenas noches.

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I also enjoyed your Sunday