Thursday, July 29, 2010

from Potatoville to Big Sky Country

From Twin Falls to Pocatello, ID takes you east through rich irrigated farmland where the nation's potatoes grow. Miles and miles of leafy plants with tiny white and purple blossoms with a few thousand acres of corn plants to alter the landscape. From Pocatello we head north to Idaho Falls, and then NE to West Yellowstone. Hang a left toward Big Sky, where big shots with big bucks have big fun on their big spreads under a big sky. On north through the gorgeous Gallatin Gorge along the river. Many fly fishermen and rafters spotted. Frequent signs to be aware of the bears. Businesses like grain and feed stores, fishing outfitters, saddle repair shops. I knew we were getting close. And finally, Bozeman.

Best roadside sights. Old VW bus painted psychodelic colors parked by the side of the road sporting a hand-lettered sign on its roof: "METH? DON'T! EVER!" Further on, business next to a gas station: "BEST EASTERN TROUT INFO AND ICE CREAM".

The drive was fine. I wasn't feeling too hot when we started. It could have had something to do with my breakfast. Take the following hypothetical: Say you are a stomach into which your owner puts two greasy sausages, some cottage cheese, part of a gummy cinnamon roll, strong coffee followed by half a banana. What would you do? That's what I did to myself and myself was not happy. Things settled down after 3 or 4 hours and half a bottle of 7-UP.

The pups are like hyperactive teenagers, bundles of endless energy but very sweet natured and funny. I got hauled around by Zeke this morning on a walk, and he's the less rambunctious of the two. Photos tomorrow.

Gorgeous day; true big sky. Off to town to do errands and take a look around. And to make reservations for dinner at Ted's, Ted Turner's restaurant famous for its bison meat. Mr. C's favorite!


mary ann said...

Yeah ~ glad you have arrived!

Anonymous said...

Liz E says...

Well, SOME of the nation's potatoes come from Idaho, but there are lots grown in Maine!

That's a LONG trip, Bunz!!!