Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mexico comes calling

Last evening we had dinner with a couple who live just down the road from us in Cuyutlán. They're here to visit family and friends, do a little smart shopping, and attend to other norte business. I got caught up on the town news ~ the theft of a transformer from an electric pole so the thieves could get their hands on copper wire, the construction of a couple of new casas grandes in the colonia including one by a young couple from Sacramento, the illness (but recovery) of one of my favorite denizens, the report of the repainting of Jack's casa which is, by all accounts, a beautiful change. We had dinner at Aioli, my fav tapas restaurant. I had mejillónes as usual. Delicious. It was a bit strange to see friends from our "other" life here in "this" life, but great fun. We like them a lot.

This afternoon we head down to Orinda for a party with long time friends, their children, their grandchildren. They are all part of our long-time Thanksgiving group. We were together for 35 years. Our children grew up together. And at least three of the grandchildren knew each other before the group broke up in 2002. I have missed them all and look forward to this get together. There is one new baby to meet. For all the years we were together, the first generation did all the work. We have happily passed that torch on to the next set. We are now the honored guests. It took awhile, but almost all of us have made it to that exalted state. Photos tomorrow.

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mary ann said...

Enjoy! Looking forward to the photos...