Thursday, July 15, 2010

no go

It has turned out to be a "no go" for travel today. There were indeed two seats but we were not there to fill them. Yesterday afternoon I noticed that my left leg was slightly swollen, knee to toe. What in the world is this? By the time I turned out the lights at 9 PM, the swelling had increased and the calf and foot were stretched tight. No pain, no fever, no broken skin, no red streaks. Doc' advice: keep your leg elevated and call me in the morning. As a diabetic of many years I am very neurotic about anything out of the ordinary having to do with feet and swelling. As of 8 PM, much better, thanks.

Meanwhile the granddogs are learning to swim and I'm not there to witness this feat. But Cait has sent photos.

Latest plan is for a road trip later this month to Bozeman for 5 days, then home via Spokane, Portland, and I-5. This one will work, I'm sure. No need to worry about how many seats available. No need to empty pockets, remove belt and shoes, and we can travel with as much liquid as we can stuff into the car.

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mary ann said...

Sorry about your leg but I'm glad you are so careful. LOVE the dog photo!