Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yesterday afternoon's gathering on the front lawn of Tom and Christine's home in the hills of Orinda was an echo of our past but also a look into the future. There were seven of the first generation of this group (aka the old folks) and two representatives of the second generation, Jackie's sons Tom and Ethan. Unfortunately our two 2nd generation-ers could not be there.

Tommy, with his youngest son Carter. I tried to get the other two, Sam and Brock, to sit still for a photo but was completely unsuccessful.


The third generation that was present is made up of their four children; T & C's three boys and Ethan & Maia's delicious baby girl, Kaia, whose greatest pleasure is eating.

Kaia, with her doting grandmother, Jackie

The rest of the guests were young couples and children, gathered to visit with Ethan and Maia who live in Geneva and only get to the US for a month in the summer. It was a group of very attractive, friendly people, mid-30's to early 40's who went to high school or university together. They're doing interesting things; teaching, technology, lawering, banking, painting, meanwhile raising children and having lives. Some of the children knew one another, but others didn't. Yet within minutes they were all having a fine time together and one can only think that this group of little ones will keep the tradition alive. It put us elders in mind of our salad days when we did the same thing, gathering at one house or another with kids and strollers and bottles and diapers to spend time together to renew amd refresh our friendships. There were, at one time, anywhere between eight and fourteen of us. We didn't turn out so badly nor did our kids. And neither will they.

We ate a lovely dinner made up of "international" cuisine ~ French cheeses and French wine, Greek salad, Mexican salsa and chips, Italian antipasto, Moroccan shrimp and couscous, Hawaiian chicken, German sausages, and for dessert, apple pie and ice cream. Everything was delicious.

It's getting hot here in the valley. We're heading for a week in the 90's. We're leaving for Bozeman on Wednesday to cool off in the high country. And to meet the new dogs. I met another new dog last week. He belongs to Rafa, who takes care of our garden, doing heavy pruning. He came by to pull out some dead shrubbery and brought Wilson with him.

Wilson, a Lab-Cocker Spaniel mix, is tri-lingual; English, Spanish and Dog. A fine specimen.

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mary ann said...

Have a great time with your girl! Dog photos necessary. It's cold and foggy here (sigh).