Monday, October 17, 2011

another unintelligible mystery

Last night's presentation of Kate Atkinson's Case Histories was a big disappointment. I very much liked the book, the way she set up three incidents from the past (including one from our hero's own life that's never fully explained) and then brought it all together in the present. Jason Isaacs is the perfect Jackson Brodie, the ex-policeman with the messy life who can out-think everyone and solve any case.

That said, if I hadn't read the book I would have been completely baffled by what I saw on the screen. Too many threads to keep neatly woven, and no chance to flip back a few pages to double check on a name or a fact. And way too much mumbling. I think the English must hear differently than I do. Half the dialogue was lost. That's the same complaint I had about Ken Branaugh and the Kurt Wallender mysteries. This group needs a better sound editor.

Will I tune in for One Good Turn, the next episode, on October 23? Of course.

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mary ann said...

Good review and I agree completely.
We won't miss the next one(s) either.