Tuesday, October 25, 2011

other people's lives

Since I can't tell you anything about what's going on with me, except that I'm in a room with 13 other jurors, a judge, a couple of attorneys, some witnesses, and a charming bailiff named Jason, for several hours a day, I'll give you a taste of how others are living.

These are photos sent by daughter Caitlin from Bozeman, MT. Fall has definitely arrived and, with it, all the gorgeous tricks Mother Nature has. These are pictures Cait took on her walk yesterday. Enjoy!

This is the meadow behind Cait and Mike's house.

There is a big barn across the road from their house with these golden aspen trees.

At the end of their street there are some houses around a lovely little pond.

We'll be there in a month to celebrate Thanksgiving with them and the rest of the family. By then there will most likely be snow on the ground and in the mountains. Can't wait!


mary ann said...

You will (by nature) be in charge of those jurors, looking forward to hearing all about the trial. Love the Cait pics a whole bunch.

The Fevered Brain said...

Alas, at this point I will not be able to make historic law as I am an alternate. If two jurors drop off, then, yes! But as it is I won't even be able to be in the jury room for deliberations! These folk will not have the benefit of my wisdom in their decision. Yet I still have to be there every day and will have to hang out in the court during final jury deliberations. Bring a book.