Thursday, November 24, 2011

all together now

It is so wonderful to have everyone together for this holiday. Yes, again, I am very thankful.

The Jordan contingent arrived at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, then Cara (Andrew's lovely girlfriend) landed about 5:00, so by 6:00 we were gathered together in the kitchen, getting caught up.

Mr. C served up steaming bowls of onion soup with cheese toasts, all made by his own hand. After dinner came the dog walk, out into the cold, clear night. Beneath all of this fur is our sweet Emily.

This morning, Mr. C is still abed with a bad sore throat and Cait has a tummy upset. Nonetheless there is much bustling about in the kitchen. The turkey will go into the oven in an hour, Alex and Andrew are putting together the dressing using Mike's cornbread, Em is still asleep, Cara is reading her Kindle, Peter is "supervising" in the kitchen, Zeke and Huck are Hoovering the kitchen floor for any dropped goodies. The sun is out, the meadow is sparkling in its white mantle. It's time for me to stir around and get the carrots and brussel sprouts ready. The big Viking oven is getting quite a workout.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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mary ann said...

looks wonderful~ I'm grateful that we are still friends after all these years, Susan. Enjoy!