Wednesday, November 16, 2011

gut(ter) reaction

At 7:30 Monday morning, this big truck pulled up in front of the house bringing our new gutters. Five beefy guys got out and immediately started ripping the old gutters off the house. It sounded like they were ripping off the roof and tearing into the walls. But not, it was only the old, rusted gutters and drainpipes that came off.

Meanwhile, I was bustling around getting ready for another day in court. We finished at noon due to other judicial business so I was home by 12:30. By then, the workmen had installed these beautiful gutters and snazzy downspouts, cleaned up their mess, and gone on to the next job. So I took myself off to CostCo to begin the Great Shopping Expedition in preparation for the Mexico trip. I took with me one of my Mexican Freida bags, put it in the cart, and began my methodical up-and-down the aisles. Wouldn't you know it that while my back was turned, someone unseen by me helped him/herself to my wonderful bag. It will cost all of $3 to replace but it could have been the Hope Diamond I was so angry. Fortunately I had thought twice about putting my wallet into the bag so all that was safe. But the very idea! At CostCo, no less. I don't know why I think that institution, and its shoppers, should not have to suffer such invasions. I reported it to the Membership desk, assuring them that neither they nor I could do anything about it. I just wanted them to know. And what really made me mad was that we had done the gutters through CostCo.

Tuesday's court business was the last witness, the instructions to the jury, and the recess of the jury to begin deliberations. Where was I? Sent home. Since I'm the alternate I get locked out. They will call me back when the verdict is rendered. No matter which way it goes I'll be interested to learn how they got there.

Today was spent pawing through sweaters and other warm garments anticipating the cold in Bozeman (it was 20ยบ today). I found the silk underwear I wore during our winter sojourn in Europe in 2004-05. It will come in mighty handy. Cait has said they have all kinds of wool, cashmere, fleece, down, etc. so not to worry. The weather pattern looks pretty good, though. Clear and cold M-W, then rain and snow on Thanksgiving Day and Friday. We come home on Saturday. Then we have the heat of Mexico to contemplate as we pack shorts and T-shirts. I like that better.


mary ann said...

nice gutters ~ what a busy life you have, have a great time over Thanksgiving!

Herb said...

As homeowners, gutters are one of the things that should always be maintained. I see that the people who worked on your new gutters did a great job. It looks great on your roof. I just hope that it will serve its purpose for the longest time possible. To lengthen your gutter's life, do regular cleaning and inspection. Take care!

Herb Koguchi @Kroll Window

Terry Gonzales said...

I'm sorry about your experience as a shopper. I'm glad that the issue has been resolved the right way and the way you have expected. Looking at the bright side, you now have fine gutters! Old and rusted gutters definitely need to rest too. Keep it well maintained. Stay safe!

Terry Gonzales @Summit Roofing

Mary Martin said...

Those should do wonders when the rainy season comes along, especially if the water tends to go to the driveway and walkways before, or as a way to gather water for the gardens and water closets. Just make sure to clean them regularly so they don’t get clogged and let the rainwater overflow.