Sunday, November 6, 2011

it's been a long week

Week two of my jury service is over; week three begins tomorrow. At the rate things are going I'm not sure it will be over before I leave for Bozeman. I can only remind the judge that, ab initio I let him know that the 18th is my last possible date of service. Well, let's see what this coming week brings, and it's only four days since the 11th is a holiday.

The plumber came on Monday to inspect the faucet problem we were having. The culprit turned out to be the lining of the flexible hose; it had come loose and jammed the head so no water was coming out. Mr. C exercised his discriminating taste and managed to buy the most expensive set-up the plumber had to offer. That, plus the hourly charge for his services totaled a tidy sum. But the water is once again gushing into the sink.

It has turned cold here, down into the 50ºs. Even a smattering of rain. Morning walks are ultra invigorating, but I need it to keep me alert in the court room. Heard from Cait that it was 19º and "snowing like crazy" so I mustn't complain. I've been working my way through my sweater drawer and coat closet trying to find enough warm clothing for the Thanksgiving trip. I don't own enough layers for such weather.

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Liz says:

Mr. C did the right thing. It pays to invest in the best plumbing fixtures, like faucets. I have built a house & remodeled two, and, in the long run, you save money in the long run by buying the top brands of fixtures with mostly brass fittings inside, not plastic. Your new one looks lovely!

Hope your jury duty will be over by the time you plan to escape to chilly Bozeman!