Wednesday, November 9, 2011

another day in court

This was a rather difficult day in court with some testimony that was not easy to listen to. But the jury is a group of really great people; I think we all felt the same. More tomorrow, then a day off on Friday for Veteran's Day, and a nice long weekend that will give us all a breather. I can't tell if it's about to wrap up, testimony-wise, but I think so.

I get home from court, kick off my shoes, check email, have a spot of dinner and fall into bed. It's like having a job, for heaven's sake! I am distracting myself with two books; "Lucky Jim" by Kingsley Amis, which I've already read a couple of times but nonetheless am enjoying, and "The Debt to Pleasure" by John Lanchester. It is a wonderfully evil little cookbook and a wickedly funny account of the life of a loquacious Englishman named Tarquin Winot, revealed through his thoughts on cuisine as he undertakes a mysterious journey around France. The revelations become more and more shocking as the truth about the narrator becomes apparent. He is a monster, and yet an appealing and erudite villain. I sit in the courthouse parking lot during the noon break listening with total delight to this hilarious book. It elevates my mood for an afternoon of depressing revelations before the bar.

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mary ann said...

I know you are taking a lot of notes and I will need all the details!