Wednesday, January 18, 2012

first the doors, now the walls

The great door re-do is finished and they all look gorgeous. Here's a look at the front door and garage doors before painting. The original color was a deep turquoise, a fine compliment to the tan exterior. But it faded badly and was a washed-out shade and the wood needed sanding and priming.

After a thorough prep, the new paint got sprayed on. As I said in a prior post, the color I wanted was an oxblood shade or the color all ship's hulls were once painted. But that's not quite what I got, as you can see.

It's a bit more orange that I would have liked, but with the new exterior wall color I think it will be quite stunningl, muy Mexicana!

Fernando is due to start painting tomorrow. I'll keep you up with the progress.

The other door that got painted was the one on the hot water heater (known as a boiler) closet. This is the tiny heater.

This is the heater in its old, shabby closet.

Here is its shiny new housing. Of course, the boiler is still a rusting-out relic that will be replaced next year, but for now it works just fine.

Saturday's opera is a brand new one, "The Enchanted Island." Read the NYTimes review here. Last week's archive presentation of "Norma" with Joan Sutherland and Marilyn Horne, conducted by Richard Bonning (Sutherland's husband) was divine. Well, she is a priestess after all!