Sunday, January 8, 2012

luncheon on the beach

We strolled down to El Barcel, Fernando's puesto for a leisurely Sunday lunch. It wasn't crowded ~ bad for him, good for us ~ so we had the pick of the tables. We opted for one just on the edge of the restaurant, before you head down onto the sand and an umbrella. It was such a perfectly gorgeous day; bright sun, light breeze, the sea sparkling. Lots of people frolicking in the ocean.

We ordered a couple of beers and two platos de filete de pargo al mojo de ajo, our favorite. As long as Chuy or Grizelda (Fernando's sister) are working the grill you can be sure of a splendid meal.

First came the obligatory plate of jicama and cucumbers sprinkled with a tangy chili salt. Then the fish, fresh, tender, sweet. The apple, shredded carrot and raisin salad the perfect accompaniment. Along with some lightly spiced rice, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and, of course, several thick slices of avocado, it was absolutely perfect! We have decided that although nobody does shrimp as well as Dago, El Barcel gets the blue ribbon for filetes.

A quick note about yesterday's opera. The most delightful thing about that performance was hearing the children squeal with joy when the wicked witch is pushed into the oven and all the other little gingerbread children are freed. Wish I had been there to see them.

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