Sunday, January 22, 2012

the new house

I am quite pleased with the outcome of the great painting project. There are still some places on the interior walls that need a new coat, but the exterior looks quite nice. And I think the door color and wall color worked out just fine. See the post below for comparison.

We're off to Fernando's for comida. Fish and beer.

Re: South Carolina. Newt, Mitt, Ron, Rick. Aren't names wonderful? What a country!


mary ann said...

stunning casa!

Anonymous said...

Liz says:

Looks fab, Susan! Very chic color combo.

You mention that now that the exterior is done, some of the interior walls could use some paint, etc. See, that's the problem. It's like a battleship. You get to the end of one big project and then you can't rest until you do another...

Your house always looks wonderful-- just relax for the rest of this season, and do a bit more next year.

In other news, have watched all of the Repub. debates (15 0r 16, I think-- but who's counting) with increasing horror. All those conservatives in SC, etc. want someone who can be good at DEBATING Obama-- to take him out, of course. But, seriously, they don't go to the next thought: if one of those Rep. dudes should (God forbid) WIN, he'll then have to govern. Can you imagine Newt in one-on-ones with foreign leaders? OMG!!!

They should be very, very careful
what they wish for!!!

By the way, just read an NYT travel article that may interst you: