Monday, January 9, 2012

the Monday hustle

The first item on the agenda was the tianguis of course. No loitering today as I had many other things to get done. Buy the veggies and five avocados at my usual spot, get the bananas and strawberries, four coleus plants to put in the shady part of the garden. No sofa pants today. Sped home, unloaded the car and picked up Mr. C for a trip to Tecoman for more errands. First stop was the paint store to order the paint for the doors ~ Really Rusty ~ and the exterior walls ~ Dark Oak. Next was the bank. Fortified with cheap pesos, I went to the computer store where I had dropped off my printer for repair. Well, it was almost too embarrassing to report, but this was the problem. When I changed the ink cartridge I forgot to remove the protective strip over the ink dispenser so, of course, the thing blinked its red light and refused to go anywhere. The repair guy smiled amiably, showed me what the problem was, and I paid him 30 pesos for his extremely polite explanation. Next stop was the shop that sells the delicious Mexican cheddar and the fabulous bacon, sliced to your preference. This place is among a warren of tiny food and specialty shops off the beaten track for those of us not so familiar with the neighborhood. But now we know. Then back to the paint store to pick up our formula-mixed paint. Photos when it's all done. Next, on to the market for things I didn't get earlier. And finally, home for lunch. I was hoping we would go out to one of the three or four good spots in Tecoman, but that didn't happen. Perhaps when we're not so driven to complete chores. Then a quick domino game; what would a day be without one.

Tomorrow I have to go back to Tecoman to the vivero for a couple of bags of potting soil so Neno can mulch the beds before he plants the coleus. I am also looking for a new crotan for the second floor landing.

The one we had got terribly infested with plaga and we ripped it up and threw it on the pyre. These beautiful plants grow quite well in this environment. There are many species from which to choose. Again, photos to come.

Another beautiful day here in Paradise has come to an end. Last night was a gorgeous luna llena; I got up at 2:30 AM and the house was flooded with light. I hope it was as beautiful where you are as it was here.

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mary ann said...

Love the cartridge story, you brave woman. I heard a computer guy on the radio who said that your error is the #1 printer "problem" ~ I tend to forget about plugs and stuff, so I liked your story. Thanks...