Thursday, January 5, 2012

sofa pants

Some years ago, while undergoing serious retail therapy, I found a pair of flowered linen pants that I thought were quite fetching. I bought them, took them home, tried them on again and decided I looked like a walking sofa. Since then I have avoided anything that even vaguely resembled the dread sofa pants.

Last week at the Monday market I went through the pile of neatly folded pants at one of my favorite stalls and found a pair of flowered pants with a white background. Summer slip covers came to mind. But still fighting the sofa pants phobia, I passed them up.

Until last Monday. I found these beauties at the same stall and decided it was time to get beyond the distaste so, for $4 US I now own a pair of sofa pants. They will be for beach wear only. I can't imagine myself sporting these at home, but for here, they fit right in with the rest of the wild wardrobes. Actually I'm not really sure I'd want a sofa in that fabric, either. But for pants, it's perfect!

By the way, the gazpacho was fabulous.

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Liz says:

I always love your tianguis reports & photos, but the sofa pants take the prize! They will look adorable on you! Just perfect for Cuyutlan...

Gazpacho just sounds so tasty-- one of my all-time favorites in hot weather. Yum...