Sunday, April 22, 2012

complete with disco

The reason we don't encourage visitors to come to visit during the Easter Crazies has mainly to do with the open air disco across the street.  Who wants to experience loud, ugly, electronic "music" blaring into one's sleeping quarters until 4 AM?  But that's what happened last night.  Apparently the parents of a girl celebrating her quinceanera rented the disco space and let it rip!  It's now 11 AM on Sunday and I haven't seen or heard from our downstairs guests yet!  I was grateful for my Bose headphones but still got only about 4 hours of sleep.  The music was so loud it made the house shakel.  Now they know what we moan and complain about.  Actually, I'm the one who moans and complains; Mr. C sleeps through the whole thing).  The festivities last night were just a bonus for them!

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mary ann said...

How I envy Mr. C ~ incredible, no?