Thursday, April 19, 2012

first sunny morning

This morning is the first we've had since Easter Sunday where the sun was actually out and bright before 11 AM. When I woke up I thought I had seriously overslept ~ what does that actually mean, "overslept"? "Over" what? Too long? Later than usual? I'll miss the board meeting? ~ and that it must be mid-morning. No, it was 7:30, there was no fog, I could see both the ocean and the mountains, there was no wind and it looked promising for a bright, warm day. Such being the case, I sprang to work doing a load of wash that had all prospects of getting dry. We were going to drive over to Tecoman to do some shopping and errands, but thought better of it. I'll run over to Armeria a bit later to buy some nice fish for dinner. Otherwise, this is a day to . . . uh oh, right now as I look out the windows I see the fog starting to roll in off the ocean. Well, it started out nice, at least. This will pass, I'm sure. If not, I can spend the day packing up my possessions while listening to my book instead of lounging in the front garden while listening to my book.

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