Friday, April 6, 2012

in case you're wondering . . .

. . . what has happened to me (us), we're fine, busy, and currently living through yet another year of Easter craziness. Zillions of people, noise, trash, campers on any square inch that's free. I have taken some photos and will put them up tomorrow. The disco is in full swing so I am sleeping at friends' house out in the quiet colonia. When I get back home tomorrow I will turn my attention to this sadly neglected blog.

Tomorrow's opera is Massenet's Manon with Anna Netrebko. I will be front and center with my (left-over) shrimp salad. We went by Dago's tonight just to check out the crowds. Packed! Good for him, not so good for us. So we chose Fernando's instead and the dinner was superb. In fact, perhaps even better than our usual choice. Since we like both of these chaps, making a choice is not easy. After finishing dinner we walked along the malecón to check out the action. It's packed with revelers, mostly young people. We decided the average age of the crowd to be about 30, counting all the kids. There's quite a security presence; local, municipal, state and federal police, plus the army, navy, marines and air force (helicopters patrolling all day long). So far, all has been tranquil.

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